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The Difference between Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles
04 Feb - 2022

Granite Flooring In Chennai

If you are looking for a Granite flooring in Chennai option then you are at the right place. This article will discuss the granite flooring...

Kitchen tiles ideas for your home
18 June - 2019

Kitchen tiles ideas for your home

Tiles are one of the most durable and finishing materials that represents as an art form. This is the reason they have become a thing for collectibles.

the best tiles showroom in chennai sri sai krishna agencies
27 May - 2019

The Best Tiles Showroom in Chennai - Sri Sai Krishna Agencies

Today, everyone loves to renovate their home with all the modern facilities. The idea is more relevant to the renovation of the kitchen and bathroom.

reasons to choose porcelain tiles
26 April - 2019

Reasons To Choose Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a better option over ceramic tiles. It is easy to maintain and cheapest. It offers a premium quality material. It is rough, tough, hard and rigid. It is water resistant nd fire resistant.

30 March - 2019

How to Choose Wash Basins for Luxury Bathrooms to Get That Exciting Feeling?

Washrooms are basically a standout amongst the most important portions of the home. They give a truly necessary road to unwind and enjoy a reviving and rejuvenating relaxation of the body. In this voyage, wash Basins or sinks are a standout amongst the most utilized and barely noticeable components in a washroom.

26 Feb - 2019

How to choose a Faucet for your Bathroom?

While you are remodelling your bathroom, there are several issues to take care of like flooring options, paint colours, tile sizes and wall materials.

31 Jan - 2019

7 Tips to Choose Right Tiles Color for your home

Have you ever went to a house and noticed that its floor and ceiling doesn’t match? Or the tiles are suited for an earlier era?Tiles are a very important thing in life that change with time and fashion, and choosing its color is absolutely essential.

24 Nov - 2018

How to design safe bathroom for all ages?

Everyone dreams of a beautiful house with smart rooms in it. A bathroom is undoubtedly the most dangerous place in a home. A lot of injuries happen while bathing or showering. Even older people and children are also at risk.


02 Nov - 2018

How to select right tiles for home?

Selecting right tiles for your home is very important as there are number of factors that need to be considered. All tiles are not equl and there are many differences when it comes to their application.

28 Aug - 2018

How To Clean Kitchen Tiles?

The ceramic tile floors are of one of the most popular flooring options when it comes to kitchen and bathrooms. Although they are a very durable and cost-effective option, like all floors it does need regular cleaning and care. Here we have some tips for you that are going to make cleaning your kitchen tile a really easy job. Just follow the steps given and it is assured that you are going to have great results and will save you so much time.

30 Jul - 2018

How To Make Your Home Smell Amazing?

House and home are two very different concepts. While one has to do with the physical structure, the other has to do with the feeling. To give it an amazing feeling, it needs to have an amazing smell. This blog covers some things you can do to make your home smell good.