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30 Jul - 2018

How To Make Your Home Smell Amazing?

House and home are two very different concepts. While one has to do with the physical structure, the other has to do with the feeling. To give it an amazing feeling, it needs to have an amazing smell.

This blog covers some things you can do to make your home smell good.

1. Keep the Stove Cooking

Studies show that as long as there is something interesting cooking on the stove, the house will smell great. Some things that you can simmer are water in a saucepan along with herbs like mint and lavender as well as citrus slices.

The heat, along with the smell goes around the house and gives you a very homely feeling.

2. Have a Scent Filled Jar

With potpourri on the rise, the homemade kind is an even bigger rage.

That is why, it is important to have a scent-filled jar at hand. The jar can contain anything from cinnamon sticks to dry apples.

This will make the entire house smell like it is vacation time. This is also an effective way to have the entire house smell like holiday season.

3. Take the Trash Out

There is no sure-fire way to get the house to smell good like taking the trash out. This is why you need to check the sink and any other residual garbage you might have in the house.

Make sure you expose the smelly areas to lemon and lots of water to get rid of the stink. In case there is a persistence in the smell, you need to take up some baking soda to help get rid of the smell.

4. Candles

The candle needs to be places in such a way that they make the home smell sweet. It is even better when your scented candle has a nice smell. You do not have to light the candles.

Simply lining them in different locations is also an effective way to make sure that the candles are effective in giving you a nice aroma every time you walk across it.

5. Using Indoor Plants

There are a range of indoor plants such as jasmine, orchids, eucalyptus and gardenia which are used to bring the same scent indoors. This not only keeps the air fresh, it also purifies the air and can contribute to your good health.

6. Start Baking

There is nothing that helps a home smell good the way something baking in the oven does. When you know you are going to have guests over, it is the best thing you can do for them.

This way, the guests will know you cared and they will doubly enjoy the food and it all works out much cheaper anyways.

These are not just tips that will give your house a good smell but they will help your house smell like home. The place will have an inviting smell and you will never want to leave it again.