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28 Dec - 2018

Porcelain Tiles Vs Vitrified tiles?

The tiles that experience the process of vitrification are the vitrified tiles. The process involves baking the tiles at a high temperature. However porcelain tiles and vitrified tiles are interrelated, actually, porcelain tiles are often regarded as vitrified tiles and are known to fall under the category of vitrified tiles. One of the superior features of the porcelain tiles is that they have water absorption of less than 0.5 per cent.

Want to replace your tiles?

Well if you are looking to replace your tiles then you will have various names in front of you from the tiles industry. However choosing from so many designs, shapes and sizes might confuse you. Two of the most common tiles that have gained widespread attention are the porcelain tiles and vitrified tiles. These tiles are made by the method of vitrification and so they fall under the vitrified tiles family. The composition of vitrified tiles includes the mixture of silica and clay. The mixture helps in forming the non-porous tiles and gives a glass texture.

As mentioned earlier that porcelain tiles fall under the category of vitrified tiles and so they are known by the name vitrified tiles. Sometimes the mixture of quartz and feldspar are used to bring the glaze in it. However to give the perfect shape the tiles are pressed with the powdered body.

Mentioned below are some of the important characteristics of the tiles • They have high mechanical strength • Have the ability to resist frost to a great extent • Their abrasion resistance is also high

It is worth to mention here porcelain tiles are often considered as a form of ceramic tiles. However, the mixture here is a little bit different and it contains grain clay and other minerals in it. But one can easily figure out ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles on the basis of dense body. The dust-pressed method is the process that is involved in making these tiles.

What to notice in a true porcelain tiles

Well, you might be fooled by the industry if you do not know the appearance and characteristics of the porcelain tiles. So before you go to choose porcelain tiles you must ensure that you have studied the basic traits about them.

Well, when you go to the market you will see that a true porcelain tile will have the colour throughout its body. Sometimes porcelain tiles are less noticeable when they get chips. This is because the same colour is also observed underneath the chipped surface.

Porcelain tile is costly than ceramic tiles

Porcelain tiles enjoy certain benefits over ceramic tiles and that is why they have a high price. They are sold approximately 10 per cent more than the regular porcelain ceramic tiles.

Thus reading the above article one will easily differentiate between the two, that is the porcelain tiles and the vitrified tiles. Vitrified tiles involve the process if vitrifications in it whereas porcelain tiles are tiles that are totally vitrified tiles. These tiles have on important characteristics that they can absorb water of less than 0.5 per cent.