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26 Feb - 2019

How to choose a Faucet for your Bathroom?

While you are remodelling your bathroom, there are several issues to take care of like flooring options, paint colours, tile sizes and wall materials. It is very much sensible to be careful and be as thorough as you can with your plan because this takes up a considerable amount of planning. The wide range of faucet available for your bathroom is absolutely unbelievable.

The reason behind this is that although the size of the faucet may seem small, its impact is huge as it is responsible for tying the style of the room together. Huge personality can be gained by installing a statement faucet and to top it off, the materials and styles of the faucet used genuinely add to the interest and style. Moreover, today's technology options in bathroom faucets usually make your life easier. Don't decide on which faucet to choose to be a mere afterthought. Do the required research by going through the helpful tips given below.

Style of the Faucet

Modern or ornate: Fancy or traditional, Single or multiple handles. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to bathroom faucet style. Your style will be limited by what fits in the current sink, if you're replacing an old sink. But if you're changing the entire sink, there is no limit. Always make sure that whatever you choose, it must match the bathroom sink, the tub and the shower fixtures for a complete look.

Single-hole Faucets: For small bathrooms and powder rooms, the single-hole faucet is a space saver. There are only one drilled sinkhole and the spout and mixing handles are combined together as one.

Centre-set Faucets: This is compatible with most sinks. Here, the spout and handles are joined as one unit that mounts on the sink deck.

Wall-mount Faucets: A beautiful and unique style, the wall-mount is plumbed above the sink and through the wall.

Widespread Mount Faucet: The two handles are at least 8 inches apart from each other and they are separate from the spout.

Technology in Faucets

The era we live in is the best for technologies which are evident from the fact that the technological possibilities for bathroom faucets are huge.

Motion Activated: You can do more than simply turn the faucet on and off with a little wave of your hand in the motion activated faucets. Flow control and temperature adjustment are also included in the newer models.

Laminar Flow: With laminar flow faucet technology you can soften your water. Aerators not only make the water flow in a clear stream that doesn't flash but also makes the flow feel lighter. This adds style and a touch of luxury to your washing routines.

Sanitizing: Faucets with an ozone-activation kills all the germs with the help of a stream of ozone that mixes with the water stream.

If you want to choose items for your bathroom models to suit your life, think no more and consider the tips from the article to enhance the look of your bathroom.