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31 Jan - 2019

7 Tips to Choose Right Tiles Color for your home

Have you ever went to a house and noticed that its floor and ceiling doesn’t match? Or the tiles are suited for an earlier era?

Tiles are a very important thing in life that change with time and fashion, and choosing its color is absolutely essential so that it goes with the furnishings and creates a serene setting for the other decorations of the room.

To create a good impression, decor, soft furnishings and furniture have an essential role so does the choice of tile color. This is because the color of any room is as important as choosing the matching color for the tiles.

Here are 7 tips you can learn from:-

1. Look at the need of the room

The basic pointers you have to follow for selecting the tile color. Establishing the purpose of the room is absolutely essential. Every room is different and has its own purpose and colors that go with one room might not be required to go with every other room.

2. Consider the effects

When you use a light shaded tile, it makes the room look brighter and bigger, while on the other hand if you use a dark color that makes the room look congested. Light colored tiles are mostly preferred as it gives you a more neutral background to your furniture and other decorations and so it also makes it more sellable compared to their darker counterparts.

3. Grey is back for tiles

Grey color has been a standout player of this market. It gives you a more solid and durable alternative to the concrete flooring. Grey color gives the room a more neutral background that enables you to choose your decor and furniture more freely. They also give a certain depth to the modern household.

4. Create a spacious washroom

In terms of small bathrooms, if you use light colored tiles, it will give a more spacious feel and reflect more light compared to the dark colors and thus giving it a more airy feel. Similar colored floor and wall tiles also have a spacious effect. If you want to enhance this effect, you should go for custom cut tiles that give a more seamless look when laid closer.

5. Consider cool or warm tiles for the kitchen

As the kitchen is generally the heart of the home, choosing the correct colors is very important. When thinking of color for the kitchen, think about its surroundings and kitchen units. It all depends on what you prefer. If you prefer a warm look, beige, brown and cream are the ones to go for. And if you prefer a cooler setting, blue and green color with glass mosaic can give you that feeling.

6. Go for natural patios

Neutral colors are best for patios as they blend with everything and don’t get dirty too much.

7. Try the wood look approach

Wood colors are always practical and popular colors. They are bold and bright, which has a great effect.