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Kitchen tiles ideas for your home - Sri Sai Krishna Agencies
18 June - 2019

Kitchen tiles ideas for your home

Tiles are one of the most durable and finishing materials that represents as an art form. This is the reason they have become a thing for collectibles. But don't you want to like to view such a piece of artistry in day to day places as your kitchen, or as a center point in a breakfast nook or by the stove?

Handmade tiles are one of the hottest decorative articles in homes today. Choices mainly include glossy ones in different color palette under the sky, matte, earthy field colors in diverse patterns and relief tiles that depict a form of a motif. Ceramic tiles that are manufactured have exceeded far more than "4*4 square. They come in hexes, rhomboids, octagons; diamonds and sizes that are about"1/2 and 1" dots and deco tiles are about "6 to 8". Tesserae are composed of tiny pieces of glass and stones, mosaics can be used in any desired pattern, from simple borderline too heavy murals with large nuances of colors. Metal tiles are also a perfect choice for kitchen ass they are perfect and have a decorative effect. Well, here are a few tiles ideas that you can consider for your kitchen without any second choice to look for.

Geometric and hot wax painting tiles

Geometry and encaustic on tiles are well proven to be beautiful. They are Victorian favorites as they are durable, have a wonderful matte-finish and are designed in eye-pleasing kaleidoscopic patterns that are very colorful. Although they are chosen for public places such as commercial, industrial, vestibules they can serve as a good choice in kitchens as well. They are wet-proof and easily camouflage dirt and spills. The color and the pattern even don't fade up with time.

White hexes

They are used in baths but when it comes to "2 tile a border and black in the background" then it is kitchen worthy and serves the perfect choice. You can even get a historical look with less expensive production tiles. You should be well aware of the border, outline, color and its ready to be your custom-made look.

Steps for artful tiling of your kitchen on a budget

When it comes to tiling there's always a call for the budget. If your project includes quite a large number the price tag is a variable subject. However, there are ways to build a perfect kitchen will cost-friendly ways with a custom look.

1) A beauty for your buck

Art tile is a beautiful piece for a kitchen but if you don't have a budget you can easily find a panel or a deco that you like and frame it as a picture. Apply tiles where it is visible and not in places where it's hidden by kitchen appliances.

2) Using production tile

Buying tiles from a big manufacturer can help you save a lot. With your imagination, you can get your custom tiled kitchen at a low cost.

3) Buying at a reduced price

Look up for showroom and even small custom makers give sales and season discounts and you might get a hand to them.

4) Do it yourself

The price tag includes the tiles plus the labor. Even if it sets up the cement board and mortar it would be of large help. There are tiling classes and seminars on weekends and it wouldn't pinch your pocket that much.