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02 Nov - 2018

How to select right tiles for home?

Selecting right tiles for your home is very important as there are number of factors that need to be considered. All tiles are not equl and there are many differences when it comes to their application.

Here are some tips that can help you to select righttiles for your home:

1. Size

Using large tiles can help to make your space look larger and spacey. You need to capture a relative and proportionate look when sizing tiles to a room. This can be done by fixing 3 tiles of same size in a row across the floor.

Tiles of best size range from tiny 3/8″ mosaics to a 5’x10’ porcelain panel and more.

2. Textures

Tiles with texture and matte finish are better than smooth and shiny one as they are less slippery. Hence, these tiles are best to be used for flooring in areas like kitchen and bathrooms as they are more prone to moisture.

The shiny and smooth tiles are best suited to be used for bathroom walls.

3. Durability

The durability of tiles is an important factor to be considered while selecting tiles for your rooms. For walls, any tile can be used but the floor tiles needs to be more durable as they have to bear impact of foot traffic.

The tiles are classified from Class 1 to class 5, where class 5 is the least resistant and class 1 is the most resistant to abrasion. Class 2 tiles are best suited for light residential use, while class 3 tiles are ideal for areas with high traffic like entryways of rooms and kitchen.

4. Style

Tiles having tumbled marble or rustic look or stone-looking tiles good look with any décor.

These tiles are ideal to use as they hide dirt. White ‘subway’ tiles are always in trend, while marble tiles give a formal look. Glass and metal tiles are used in combination with natural stones and ceramic tiles to give a unique look.

5. Colour

Selecting a colour scheme for your room is always your choice. Though, there are certain basic rules of colours that you can consider while choosing a colour scheme of tiles for your rooms.

Dark colours add warmth to your room and are also good at hiding dirt while light colours make your space look larger. Neutral colours make your space look flexible, with respect to decor. Natural stone and manmade stone tiles appear different every time they are produced. So, you need to check few pieces before selecting on.

6. Choice of Grout

It is always recommended to choose a grout of matching colour with the tile so that the grout lines do not appear. This helps to get a clean look.

However, you can also use a contrasting colour of grout to make the tiles give a dramatic look. Using stain proof grout will help you to keep the area clean.

By considering these points, you can easily select right tiles for your home and give it a perfect look.