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reasons to choose porcelain tiles
26 April - 2019

Reasons To Choose Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a better option over ceramic tiles. It is easy to maintain and cheapest. It offers a premium quality material. It is rough, tough, hard and rigid. It is water resistant nd fire resistant. Overall it is wonderful product to set up. It is a durable product with value-based pricing. There are various reasons to choose it:

Convenient underlayment

Porcelain tile should be set up on a sub-floor which is smooth, flat and rigid. It can be placed on concrete slab, cement-based backer board and fair tiles. It is a durable product. It is heavy and dense and difficult to ct and hence more expensive. It is resistant to fire at the same time. They are made to rough use. You can use them for decades if used carefully.

Hygienic features

Made with solid surface it does not allow allergens settle on it. It does not lets bacteria grow on its surface. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria. It also protects you from moulds and mildew. The quality is highest at the cheapest quality. It also suits your rooms the best. No other material gives such overall protection to you. Apart from durability it gives you some sanitation features that add a wing to its cap.

Tough material

It is harder and denser as it is made by mixing clay and minerals. The tiles do not allow staining, water or any types of odor. Difficult to scratch, not easily flammable and it comes in various shapes and sizes to suit various needs. It gives cooling effect to your feet when standing for long hours. It is better to go for porcelain tiles rather than ceramic tiles because it delivers much durable result than any other material. It is perfect material for bathroom and other areas where water is used continuously on floor. Since it is resistant to water, it does not get damaged. So, there is no chance for you slipping in your bathroom and increase your hospital bills. You can also use them in busy areas of the house or a firm where there is continuous movement of people.

Easy Care Routine

If you are busy person and do not get time to clean your floor everyday then porcelain tiles is a good option. You can clean it easily with a mop. You can also use sweep or a vacuum cleaner. Don’t use rough items to rub the surface. Go for a steam mop to sterilize your floor. You do not need to clean and rub it every day. If you want you can clean it weekly. The easy care routines definitely make it a winner among all. People with busy lifestyle can go for it. It will also remain intact for decades if maintained properly. Try not to use harsh metals on it for scraping.

So, if you are looking for some durable material to pave the floors of your room then nothing can be a better option than porcelain tiles. It gives you more than its price. Due to its dense and tough texture it can be used for decades without wear and tear. If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks then go for it. It can be a game changer in the long run.